Senin, 06 Desember 2010

Example of Analytical Exposition text

Title : “Hand phone as a useful communication tool”
Hand phone is important communication tool in this era.
Simple communication tool.
Arguments :
Argument 1 :
As we all know, that hand phone is important communication tool in this era.
Now, almost people, without exception use hand phone for their communication tool. Hand phone in Indonesia usually is called “Hp”
Mostly people claim that “no hand phone no life”. Because wherever and whenever they go, they always bring their hand phone. Even, not rather people bring their hand phone to the toilet. It because, hand phone is very important for them.
Argument 2 :
Beside it, “hp” can be used to listen the music, browsing, chatting, for games, etc.
On this era “hp” is used as the efficient communication tool. For example, “the man who is on the one country can chat with his friend who is on the other country at that time.”
In “SMANSA” “hp” can be used to send the information about the student lesson score, the information of the present of the student, etc.
“hp” is a simple communication tool. Because it can be brought everywhere and anywhere.
Argument 3 :
On the small tool, there are so many facilities that can make someone happy. We can watch TV while we are walking without bring the TV that so big, we also can chat to another people without bring the heavy computer or laptop.
For the other example, “hp” is so easy to move. It can prove “when we are using the telephone we can’t go anywhere but when we are using the hand phone we can achieve the call wherever we are, even we can achieve the call on toilet.”
From all that reason listed above, we can conclude that hand phone is important communication tool in this era and simple communication tool.


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  1. it's a hortatory exposition isn't an analytical exposition

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  9. nice work thats analytical Exopsition ...