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The Poor Live In Cities Badly

Title : The poor live in cities badly

Thesis :
a. They not have a good job
b. Their income not enough to fulfill their needs
c. Most of them are from rural
d. The areas in city narrow
e. Their environment dirty
f. They are not so considered by the government

Arguments :

We know that society in city are poor,because they don't have a good job. Most of them only graduate until elementary school to junior high school. The education can determine the level of job, because their education is bad. So the job that they have are like fishermen, garbage collectors, construction laborers, and others.

Based on argument above, their job are bad. so, income that they get are little. If we count it, it will not enough to fulfill their daily needs. They eat a day two times, even just one time. So they search other activity to get more money by doing moonlighting, like search fish or fishing in the river that near with their house. And then,catch fish and then sell to consumers. Another activity is by collecting waste plastic and then washed and sold back to the company to be recycled again.

According of sociology's theory, urban community is comprised mostly of rural communities who moved to the city. They come to city to get a better life. So, people in town are always multiplying and solid. they come to town to find jobs that match their abilities. But in reality, just a lot of citizens who are unemployed and they belonged to poor people.

Small world. in the city the population always grows. And they also have to need large area for their residence. Not only that, but also to build buildings, places of entertainment, and other government buildings. People who come from villages certainly do not have land for housing. And most of them are poor. so, they will build their homes under bridges, on the roadside, even in a very dirty river. The poor who live in that place, especially those living on the outskirts of a dirty river will be familiar with the dirty lifestyle as well. However, they would have throw garbage in the stream. So that the river becomes dirty. We know that they also use river water to perform various activities, like washing clothes, household furniture, to cook food, and even to big urinate also carried out in the stream.

Their environment is dirty. They do not pay attention to their environmental cleanliness. They live free, especially those living near rivers. We know that the river in the town looked very dirty. That caused them to throw their trash in the rivers. No beautiful scenery in addition to the seedy place.

One of the causes of poverty in urban communities is the lack of government's role in overcoming poverty problem which occurred primarily in urban areas. The government is more focused in the fields of politics, while economic issues, social welfare, and health less attention, especially now more rampant problem of corruption in Indonesia.

Recommendations :

Urban communities who live in big cities would want a better life. Virtually all back to the heart of each community how they can find good job opportunities in big cities. The role of governments is also very important in determining its policy to further expand employment in the city. So that they can earn revenue for their daily lives everyday. If people's income increases, per capita income has also increased and improved public welfare.

But for the villagers should stay in their villages and cultivate the agricultural land that is still considerable potential. Their harvest can be sold to companies or consumers. So they still earn income without having to town. It could be those who go to town and stay there could have been even unemployed.

The city with a very dense population makes the city more narrow area only. So to overcome this there must be a transmigration program to the sparsely populated islands such as Kalimantan and Irian Jaya island. Those who transmigrated was secured with a decent livelihood.

One of the bad habits of urban communities, especially those living near the river that is throwing garbage in rivers. If during the rainy season will certainly happen flood because the river overflowed. the city must dispose of waste in place that has been provided and the need to reproduce more waste disposal sites. It is also related to public health that need to be maintained.

Now the role of government must work even harder to take the appropriate policies to address poverty problems that occur in urban communities. The role of government which has been more oriented in the fields of politics must change to the field of social welfare.


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