Rabu, 20 April 2011


Just wanna share with my beloved readers.

the main topic was “Work Life Balance” but i want to share on STRESS.
STRESS . How to manage it ?
Bagaimana menguruskan stress ?

Hehehe. I love this way..
Do you know that 65% Stress comes from yourself ?

“Jadilah seorang yang PEMAAF
There are 2 things we must REMEMBER.
1. Kebaikan orang kepada kita
2. Kejahatan kita kepada orang
and there are also 2 things we must FORGET.
1. Kebaikan kita kepada orang
2. Kejahatan orang kepada kita
Before sleep at at night , just release all of the tension and said inside your heart,
“Aku Maafkan Semuanya”
That’s all. :)
bestnye if hari-hari pon happy.


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