Minggu, 22 Januari 2012

Coming Back to My Life, Please!

Hey, you are there. Is coming back into my life as a friend who can share anything. I need you more than others. I need you like to know all their lives. As we have done before, i want you to come back and share their jokes and laughter.
Though I had done wrong to you, be so good you forgive me and my friends back with you. Friend is more to me. More friends can appreciate in any situation. Friends who can make us the spirit of reaching a hope that has been desired.
Please, forgive me with a deep heart. I wish we are like they used to be. And I will turn to the errors that I have done unto you. And if you're the one I have been very forgiving you. Never even imagined in my mind that you are wrong. I've tried hard to apologize. You were very mean. You need to know, remember when I’ve not been in this school. How do you feel? If sorry, you still have enough time for doing it. Come and keep me company in this lonely even though you're just friends. And I never expect more, because we are of the kind.
I would be very happy if you come back into my life again.


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